Our start-up platform transforms Ideas into Successful Companies.

We build, educate and invest in people to create ventures that provide solutions to real business problems and create value for our investors.

At CoBuild we become co-pilots for domain expert founders. We roll up our sleeves to help create successful new ventures. We use hands-on expertise, data-driven methodologies, and proven processes to reduce the time to market, validate product fit, enhance performance, and ensure the efficient use of capital and other resources.

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At Incubator, we educate potential entrepreneurs by providing practical, experienced-based learning. Our 8-week course acquaints them with the concepts of lean methodologies and iterative development techniques and guides them along the journey to evidence-based entrepreneurship.


Our Fund’s

goal is to safely provide the highest returns for our investors. Although we invest in seed and early stage investments, our philosophy and data-driven criteria mitigate the risk associated with traditional investments in this sector. We only invest in proven business models in existing or adjacent market segments with the shortest path to revenue.


Tahir Hussain

  • Managing Partner/CEO of Collide Village Accelerator Program
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Angel Investor (35 investments; 3 funds)
  • Technologist with successful exit in 2010 with 350 employees
  • #2 in Dallas100 Fastest growing company
  • #5 in Inc500 Fastest growing company
  • Sold to Publicly traded company in 2010
  • Holds 14 patents in wireless technologies

Matt Warmuth

  • Serial Entrepreneur and CEO
  • Started or co-founded 7 companies (2 exits, 2 running)
  • Angel Investor (12 investments, 2 funds)
  • Business Operator with successful exit in 2011
  • Sold to Publicly traded company
  • #1 Brown & Brown Fastest growing company in 2012
  • Veteran, Ironman Finisher, Dive Master, Avid Skier


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We are looking for passionate and high skill individuals looking to work with our existing profile companies. Some of these companies are public knowledge and some projects are highly confidential (as we are cooking some serious stuff in our facility). We strongly suggest that you join our network by submitting your information. If there is a strong fit, we will be contacting you shortly. Also, you will be invited to all our events and receive updates about Collide CoBuild and our portfolio companies.

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