Let us help launch your idea into a company by providing capital, proven methodologies and hands-on expertise.

Let’s build it together!

We are a Startup Studio that creates new companies based on our own ideas as well as we partner with founders (domain-experts) of early-stage ventures. We use proven methodologies and roll up our sleeves, coach, mentor, and use years of our business and technical expertise to launch successful new companies.

We offer


We use lean customer development processes and iterative in-house business & product development techniques to reduce time to market and improve capital efficiency.


We invest $50k to $200k in three, milestone-based phases to quickly validate ideas and their market potential and viability.


We leverage years of experience and proven methodologies to create companies that suit a short path to revenue in a scalable market with quick product/market fit.

Our Process


Founders submit their ideas to us ( APPLY section) or we generate our own ideas.


We evaluate 100s of ideas and take them through our structured evaluation process. This stage usually kills 9 out of 10 ideas.


After we have evaluated and validated the market potential of the idea, we launch a new venture to take through Phase One of our process.


  • DURATION: 4 – 6 months

  • OBJECTIVE: Quickly validate the idea


    • Perform “Business Model Analysis”
    • Customer Development
    • Develop Minimum Viable Product



    • Customer Validation
    • Specific early stage metric



  • DURATION: 6 – 8 months

  • OBJECTIVE: Gain some early traction


    • Define & implement marketing strategy
    • Apply traction (offline & online) techniques



    • B2C: 5-10% growth week over week
    • B2B: 50% per quarter



  • OBJECTIVE: Finding growth andadditional investments (optional team)


    • Continue traction models
    • Capital raise



    • Spinoff metric

1. What is CoBuild?

CoBuild is a Startup Studio program evolved from our Accelerator program. A Startup Studio is a company that actually builds companies. We quickly transform early stage ideas into revenue-producing companies by providing capital, proven methodologies and hands-on expertise. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, with proven track records, evaluating ideas, creating new ventures, and helping entrepreneurs build successful companies.

We know building successful startup is very hard. It requires domain expertise, market viability, operation expertise, timing and exceptional execution. We work side-by-side with founders taking ideas to products and products into companies. We do this by using proven methodologies and being disciplined with time, talent and money.

2. What makes CoBuild different from an accelerator?

Traditional accelerators typically invest between $25k to $40k and are driven by mentors who provide support during the course of 3 to 4 months of the program length. These programs are limited in providing actual hands-on help in idea/market validation, customer and product development as well as any go-to-market strategy. Also, what happens after the accelerator program is a huge disconnect between the program mentors and the entrepreneurs.
CoBuild invests $50k to $200k across three milestone-based phases to quickly validate marketability. Our core team spends significant time alongside founders doing idea and market validation, product development, marketing, operation as well as fund-raising. We become you co-pilots in your venture.

3. What kinds of ideas do you consider?

We like new ideas, and we have a few of our own. We focus on technology enabled business services, Platforms, SaaS, Marketplace, AI, Blockchain, IoT, B2B and B2C.
Our strength is in selecting ideas that create a venture with a short path to revenue in a scalable market with quick product-market fit. Our process is designed to maximize the time spent building companies and providing the right support network for success. If you think your idea is a good fit for CoBuild, visit our Apply page.

4. Are there any minimum qualifications needed to apply and how are teams evaluated?

We do not invest in part-time entrepreneurs. We are interested in passionate, domain-expert, and able founders that are dedicated to taking idea to market , creating amazing products and services, and executing their vision while being a great leader.

5. We’ve already been working on our idea for a while. Can we still apply?

We are interested in ventures we can develop and help succeed. Our goal is to invest in companies that are solving real problems with exceptional teams, and will consider any scalable venture – whether at the idea stage or after a prototype or MVP is developed.

6. What are the details on the CoBuild program?

Our goal is to take startups from inception to market in the least amount of time with a minimum investment. The process starts with Founders working with the CoBuild team to validate the idea. After the idea has been validated, a company is formed creating a new venture. An iterative, lean development process is used to develop a marketable product in three milestone-based phases. We pay for office space, invest in legal fees, accounting tools, technology development, go-to-market strategy as well as implementation, everything needed to take the idea to market fast.

7. Where is Collide Village located?

Collide Village is located in Dallas, TX.

8. Can teams work from their remote offices?

We provide physical space to all our teams at our office and promote working in a collaborative environment. Our teams share ideas and expertise with each other on regular basis. We strongly believe that this collaboration is extremely important for early entrepreneurial development. Hence, we expect all our teams to be physical present in our environment.

9. Does CoBuild have a specific investment focus?

We are industry agnostic. Having said that we tend to avoid areas that requires long time to get the product to market. Our focus is on selecting ideas that solve real business problems using proven business models in existing or adjacent market segments. We do not focus on overly complicated business technologies, although occasionally we will invest in a few innovative or cutting-edge technology ventures with a longer development time frame.

10. How much you invest and how much equity do you take?

CoBuild invests $50k to $200k across three milestone-based phases to quickly validate marketability and pass on ideas that are not viable.

We are co-founders in most ideation stage companies providing support in all aspect of startup development. Our equity stake in these startups does vary depending on the complexity required to take the company to market.

11. I am an investor and would like to invest in the CoBuild Fund. Who do I contact?

Collide Village accepts outside investments through our CoBuild Fund. To learn more about investing and the availability of the fund, please email us at investors@collidevillage.com.

12. How do I join your team?

CoBuild is interested in designers, developers, marketers, product developers, process and operations experts, and sales professionals that share our passion for working with startup companies. If you are interested in working with us or with any of our portfolio companies, visit our Career page.

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