Company Close Up: BareLabor

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Nearly everyone owns a car. Very few know anything about repairing it.

Going to the auto mechanic when something is wrong with one’s car can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Consumers often feel held hostage by auto mechanics making recommendations for repairs they don’t understand. Consumers are unsure if the repair is necessary or the price is fair.

BareLabor is now ready to put customer uncertainty at ease. The BareLabor platform provides price transparency for the automotive repair and tire industries. Consumers can take a picture of their repair estimate and receive the average range of prices for those listed repairs. In addition to verifying estimates, customers can research repair costs, and find nearby auto-repair shops.

BareLabor uses the same pricing data-base as all major automotive repair companies, so you can be sure that the price listed matches industry standards. They provide a high, average, and low cost on any repair, giving consumers the power to trust estimates or negotiate for a fair rate.

BareLabor also hopes to be a solution for the repair shops themselves, by installing their technology in repair shops, so that upon delivery of an estimate repair shops can prove they are providing a fair price to customers.

The BareLabor team is made up of Dustin Allen, and Idrees Rachaman, both Dallas natives. The team has a long history in automotive repair and has an advisory board with over 100 years of industry experience.

“I’d spent years in the auto repair industry, and realized consumers didn’t have an advocate that made sure they were treated fair with great customer service… after brainstorming with my cofounder Idrees Rachaman, BareLabor was born.” – Dustin CEO of BareLabor.

At it’s core BareLabor is helpin ensure that customers get the information they need for often costly unexpected purchases. No one wants to spend lots on money fixing their car. They certainly don’t want to over pay.

We are so glad to have the BareLabor team join the Collide Village Family. Tune in for more from this dynamic awesome duo.