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With the explosive growth of companies like AirBNB and HomeAway, travel have been changed forever. These companies have expanded the short term rental market dramatically and have already made renting someone’s home a viable and cost-saving alternative to staying in a hotel.

This revolution in travel accommodations has brought better options for travelers, but also a new set of challenges. Many have seen the headlines (e.g. “Airbnb nightmare renters leave Calgary home trashed!”) from short term renters throwing loud parties, disturbing neighbors, and causing major damage to the home. With no way to monitor the home, hosts often find out that their guests behavior when it is too late.

The Cofounders of HomeAware experienced this first hand. Dave Krauss, was a short term rental host for 4 years, but had to shut down several properties due to noise complaints. He teamed up with Andrew Schulz to create a solution.

After losing two short term rental properties to noise complaint issues, I looked for a technological solution to my recurring problem. The only problem was there wasn’t one available. HomeAware was born from necessity when I teamed up with my friend Andrew, an electrical engineer, to solve my problem. The result: a non-recording noise disturbance monitor that sends me a text when my quiet hours are being violated.” – Dave Krauss Cofounder HomeAware.

Turns out that Dave at HomeAware isn’t the only rental manager that has had to deal with this issue. HomeAware has already found consumer demand. The concept has been well received by many short term rental hosts and vacation rental management companies. The HomeAware device is already installed in 10 properties and is expected to be in another 50 before the end of the year.

This innovation doesn’t just help ease the worries of Airbnb hosts and vacation rental managers, it can help the growing list of communities grappling with the rise of short term rentals. Having short term rentals available can actually bring two hundred million dollars of economic activity to a municipality. Despite this economic potential many municipalities are looking to curb the short term rental market. Twenty-six states had pending short term rental legislation this year and thousands more local governments are considering the matter. HomeAware’s noise disturbance monitor presents a much more measured solution to the potential disruptions in a community due to short term rentals.

HomeAware is currently conducting presales of their next batch of noise disturbance monitors. To learn more visit

We are so proud to have home aware as part of the Collide Village family.