Company Close Up: JobNow

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JobNow logoTurnover is a common problem for all companies, but the revolving door of restaurant employees is a challenge of magnitude. With some restaurant chains finding themselves hiring completely new staff every 6-12 months, finding qualified candidates quickly is critical to survival.

On the flip side, the time it takes to fill out applications for restaurant work is time consuming, despite the fact most applications are incredibly similar. Often time candidates visit dozens of locations, or scour craigslist, only to find job listings that are no longer relevant.

JobNow is looking to bridge this gap.

With access to thousands of local candidates JobNow can deliver qualified candidates to restaurant managers in 48 hours of a job posting. Job postings are easy to list using an automated touch interface as opposed to uploading job descriptions. Additionally candidates will receive alerts of Jobs they qualify for on a mobile device, and give them the option to apply directly from the alert. Candidates no longer apply to old job listings because they can submit their name for review as soon as the job is posted.

With $2.5 billion spent on recruitment each year by the restaurant industry, this market is ripe for a new solutions. JobNow provides a real solution for staffing problems by actually delivering candidates to restaurant at or below current spending on job postings.

The JobNow team boasts some serious industry credibility. CEO Pedro Lombardo has over 20 years of experience working in HR for the service industry, and CTO Roberto Inetti software engineer with a 20 year track-record; extensive experience developing large scale websites for tier-one companies. Together the JobNow team has gone from formation to nearly ready to launch in a couple of months. The speed of the team is a real testament to their tenacity and expertise.

Collide Village see incredible potential for JobNow and are happy to call them part of the 2015 Cohort.