Company Close Up: MassVenture



MassVenture is changing the way crowdfunding works, by letting the crowd have access to equity investments via their new online platform. No longer is millionaire status required to become an investor in real estate and private businesses.

Crowdfunding until now has largely been an act of charity. Backers see a cool product or early company and contribute money to help it become reality. Other than some rewards or early product, those dollars have never yielded any return for those countless backers who make those projects successful.

The MassVenture Mission from MassVenture Admin on Vimeo.

Users of the MassVenture platform can now invest rather than just contribute. Instead of posting the coolest gadget, MassVenture lists real investment opportunities, such as real estate and local businesses for investors of any kind. These investment opportunities haven’t been available to Non-Accredited investors in the past, but new Texas laws allow Texas residents to invest in Texas companies via online platforms. Non-accredited Investors (aka average people) can invest between $500 and $5,000 per project and there is no limit on accredited investors. This new innovation opens up the potential investor pool to literally the entire state of Texas.

“Projects previously available only to private equity are now available to any Texan.  When the 21 million residents of Texas stand up to support investment in their communities, we can reshape the way communities define themselves and the way they develop.  That’s a game-changer.” – Co-Founder Nathan Roach.

For entrepreneurs this represents a whole new way to raise capital. Now businesses of all sizes can engage their own local economy to find investors and are able to raise up to $1 million per project. Developers don’t have to tap just traditional investors, but can reach out to citizens, potential customers, and community members to help launch their next venture.

The MassVenture team launched in San Antonio and are now moving into the North Texas market. In addition to building the first State approved equity Crowdfunding platform, the MassVenture team was part of the effort that got the state securities rules changed making Texas the 13th state to permit intra-state equity crowdfunding.

Ultimately MassVenture seeks to democratize investing and wealth creation. Letting community members invest in the very communities they live in and the businesses they patronize.

Collide Village is very proud to bring in this incredible team of innovators into its program. We look forward to seeing what they can grow in the next few months.