Experience a hands-on style of learning as you incubate your company.

Learn how to use Evidence-based-entrepreneurship to create scalable and relatable business.

If 90% of the startups fail, then why use the same techniques to try and build your startup.


Collide Village Startup Incubation Program (CVIP) is not about getting you to focus on creating investor’s pitch deck and nor do we believe that you should focus your valuable time, effort and money is areas which will lead you to nowhere, as it is being coached in many other programs. Instead, our proven, structured program helps entrepreneurs get the progress in just 2 months. Plus, our classes are held at night, so you can keep your day job.

Customer Development

Design Thinking

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Why a Startup Incubation program?

Collide Village runs the successful Collide Village Accelerator Program (CVAP) for technology startups that requires team members to commit full time to the program. We have often been asked if we could offer a technology incubation program for entrepreneurs who may not be ready to leave their current position, but who want to test the viability of their startup idea.

So, we did it for you!

What entrepreneurs say about us…

  • “Collide Village is a different experience from an accelerator like TechStars or Y Combinator that focus on funding and a high-visibility demo day. The Collide Village process is about delivering results and continuous improvement in the fundamental business week over week. We were always a metrics-driven company, but the Collide Village program brought this into clearer focus and provided external accountability.”


    Nathan Roach

    CEO and Founder of MassVenture

  • “Collide Village Accelerator Program did wonders for me and my startup company. I entered the program with an idea and a lot of energy. CVAP helped put method to the madness and by the end of the program, we had an MVP, knew our customers, and were ready to raise money.”


    Dave Krauss

    CEO and Co-Founder of NoiseAware

  • “Over the course of the 3 months, we got our first customer and a solid foundation for our business. More importantly, the hypothesis driven approach, has become ingrained in our thinking and has proven its use on many occasions.”


    Srikanth Srinivas

    CEO and Co-founder of Rapidi2i

You’re more likely to succeed if you’ve failed than if you’ve never tried

Who can benefit from this program?

First time entrepreneurs who would like to learn scientific methods (Evidenced-Based-Entrepreneurship) to quickly determine the viability of their startup idea

Individuals who are currently employed and have identified an idea for a technology startup, but are not ready to leave their current position until it is proven to be viable

With our Collide Village Incubation Program (CVIP), you have an option to work on your idea when it fits with your schedule!

Why this course?

All programs at Collide Village are guided by these three key principles


Use empirical, measurable evidence(hypothesis> experiment> data > learn >action)


Eliminate waste, focus on value creation(what customers would be willing to pay for)


Build on iterative, incremental cycles(minimum set of work to validate a hypothesis)

With these three principles in mind, we have designed our CVIP so that it will set you apart from other budding entrepreneurs.

You will walk away with the confidence to:

Execute the process of using Scientific and Evidenced-Based Entrepreneurship to validate/invalidate any and all hypotheses around your business model

Execute the process of using Scientific and Evidenced-Based Entrepreneurship to validate/invalidate any and all hypotheses around your business model

Use Design Thinking to find desirable solutions for complex problems by thinking and ideating on a solution to address a problem or better meet a customer need

Use the Business Model Creation methods that we teach you to build your startup idea into a scalable and repeatable business model


How is the Program structured?

Length: 8 weeks
Coaching: 1 day a week (2 hours class time)
Personal Effort: 10-15 hours per week
Price: $6000 or, $3000 plus 3% equity (offered to selected startups only)

CVIP Course Curriculum

The curriculum is broken down into 3 key areas:

  • Customer Development/ Validation;
  • Minimum Viable Product Design (Prototyping);
  • Understanding Traction;

The program will be administered as a cohort where all teams will participate in classroom sessions together to facilitate learning from everyone’s experiences as they progress. We will take the teams through a complete life cycle of business model creation and teach them various techniques practiced by successful entrepreneurs.

We provide a rigorous, most comprehensive startup curriculum to guide you and your team through the following:

Through weekly training and feedback sessions, office hours, cohort setting where you will learn from other startup founders and regularly provided worksheet assignments, participants in the program make rapid acceleration of their startup in just a few months.

We strictly follow the philosophy of Fail Fast…Succeed Faster!

At the end of this incubation program, the goal is to achieve data sets of validated hypothesis that defines a scalable and repeatable business model. We do not teach you about creating pitch decks for investors.

We believe in building companies that can quickly generate revenue.

  • Why take Founder’s Equity as your fee (in selected startup)?

If a startup is aligned with our investment philosophy, we can offer an option to come in as an equity partner.  This partnership stays even after the program has ended and we continue to create a value for the startup.

  • What are my payment options?

We can help startups make payments in two equal installments.

  • Is the fee per person or per team? And how many members per team can participate?

The fee allows for up to two co-founders to attend the program. Additional members are charged at $1500 for the program.

  • Will I have the time?

CVIP is designed to help you as a working professional to achieve some critical milestones for your startup without compromising on work and family responsibilities. The course work is broken up into weekly, manageable bite-sized modules, with incremental deadlines, designed to help you pace yourself over the duration of the program and allow you the legroom to work when it suits you best.

You also have access to your Course Coach who will help you set goals and track key milestones, manage your time, and field any administrative requests you might have.

If you are interested in our Incubation Program, please complete this simple form: