Addison’s Collide Village Launches Startup Studio CoBuild


The program aims to help entrepreneurs create successful companies with hands-on support. BY DANIELLE ABRIL PUBLISHED IN BUSINESS & ECONOMY SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 9:52 AM   Addison accelerator Collide Village has launched CoBuild, a startup studio aiming to provide entrepreneurs resources and hands-on partnerships to launch successful startups. “There’s no other program of this nature with hands on execution in Dallas,” said Tahir Hussain, founder … Read More

Company Close Up: HomeAware

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With the explosive growth of companies like AirBNB and HomeAway, travel have been changed forever. These companies have expanded the short term rental market dramatically and have already made renting someone’s home a viable and cost-saving alternative to staying in a hotel. This revolution in travel accommodations has brought better options for travelers, but also a new set of challenges. … Read More

Company Close Up: Rapidi2i


We live in the age of “Data.” We are able to count, quantify, and track nearly everything. The flip side of this is that there is so much data that one could feel lost, trying to look for the needle in the proverbial haystack. What makes this data usable is Insight. While a lot of attention has been focused on … Read More

Company Close Up: BareLabor

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Nearly everyone owns a car. Very few know anything about repairing it. Going to the auto mechanic when something is wrong with one’s car can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Consumers often feel held hostage by auto mechanics making recommendations for repairs they don’t understand. Consumers are unsure if the repair is necessary or the price is fair. BareLabor … Read More

Company Close Up: JobNow

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Turnover is a common problem for all companies, but the revolving door of restaurant employees is a challenge of magnitude. With some restaurant chains finding themselves hiring completely new staff every 6-12 months, finding qualified candidates quickly is critical to survival. On the flip side, the time it takes to fill out applications for restaurant work is time consuming, despite the … Read More

Company Close Up: HomeBlis

adminCohort News Maintaining a home in the 21st century often requires some help. Whether it be landscape, or home cleaning, home-owers just can’t do it all themselves, nor do they want to. People would rather spend time enjoying their home than working on it. Despite the clear demand, this industry still operates in a mostly 20th century model with phone calls … Read More

Company Close Up: MassVenture


MassVenture is changing the way crowdfunding works, by letting the crowd have access to equity investments via their new online platform. No longer is millionaire status required to become an investor in real estate and private businesses. Crowdfunding until now has largely been an act of charity. Backers see a cool product or early company and contribute money to help … Read More

Meet the Cohort!

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We are incredibly excited to announce the newest Collide Village cohort. This fall we will be mentoring and growing 8 incredible technology companies in a wide variety of industries. From online collaboration platforms to easy home maintenance, Collide Village companies do it all. The cohort will go through a 12 week acceleration program to validate business models, connect with customers, and … Read More

How to Get into an Accelerator

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Accelerators are a great tool to help grow your business. The resources they provide extend well beyond the seed stage funding and can include education, mentorship, business validation, office space, and discounts on biz services. So it only makes sense that these programs are getting increasingly competitive. Tech Crunch just declared Accelerators the new business school, and just like business … Read More